Phil Woods

PHIL WOODS IN ITALY 2000 Chapter 7 WOODS PLAYS WOODS (Phil Woods & the Italian Rhythm Machine)

This one is for my son Gar

Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Stefano Bollani, piano
Ares Tavolazzi, bass
Massimo Manzi, drums

1. Samba DuBois (Woods)
2. Goodbye Mr. Evans (Woods)
3. Sittin' Here (Woods)
4. And When We're Young (Woods)
5. Pensive (Cohn)
6. It's You Or No One (Cahn)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Phil Woods
  • Record Label: Philology (It)
  • Catalog Number: W 307.2
  • Producer: Paolo Pangiarelli
  • Recording Location: Mu Rec Studio, Milano, Italy
  • Recording Date: May 17, 2000
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