Phil Woods


SWR Big Band and Phil Woods

Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet (soloist)
Bernd Rabe, alto saxophone
Klaus Graf, alto saxophone
Peter Weniger, tenor saxophone
Andreas Maile, tenor saxophone
Rainer Heute, baritone saxophone
Tomas Vogel, trumpet
Lubomir Rezanina, trumpit
Karl Farrent, trumpet
Rudolf Reindl, trumpet
Ernst Hutter, trombone
Ludwig Nuss, trombone
Ian Cumming, trombone
Georg Maus, trombone
Klaus Wagenleiter, piano
Henning Sieverts, bass
Jorg Gebhardt, percussion

1. Serpent's Tooth (Davis)
2. My Man Benny (Woods)
3. Quill (Woods)
4. Willow Weep For Me (Ronell)
5. Alvin G. (Woods)
6. Sweet Lorraine (Burwell)
7. Reets' Need (Woods)
8. Goodbye Mr. Evans (Woods)
9. How's Your Mama? (Woods)

Artistic Direction by Thomas Angelkorte, SWR
Engineered by Karl-Heinz Runde, SWR

Additional Info

  • Leader: SWR Big Band and Phil Woods
  • Recording Location: Villa Berg, Stuttgart, SWR
  • Recording Date: May 19, 1996
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