Phil Woods


Phoebe Snow

Musicians include the following:
Phoebe Snow, vocals
Ken Ascher, piano, electric piano and organ
Bob James, piano
Will Lee, bass
Tony Levin, bass
Hugh McCracken, guitar
Stave Khan, guitar
Phil Woods*, alto saxophone
Mike Brecker, tenor saxophone
Hubert Laws, flute
Eddie Daniels, clarinet
Grady Tate, drums
Steve Gadd, drums
Chris Parker, drums
Ralph MacDonald, percussion
and many others

1. Love Makes A Woman (Record/Simms/Sanders/Davis)
2. Majesty Of Live (Snow)
3. Ride The Elevator (Snow)
4. Something So Right (Simon)
5. Never Letting Go ((Bishop)*
6. We;re Children (Snow)
7. The Middle Of The Night (Snow)
8. Electra (Snow)
9. Garden Of Joy Blues (Hayes)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Phoebe Snow
  • Producer: Phil Ramone
  • Recording Location: A&R Recording, New York City
  • Recording Date: 1977
  • Playing Time: 33:03
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