Phil Woods


Jimmy Smith
Arranged and Conducted by Oliver Nelson

Jimmy Smith, organ
Trumpets: Joe Newman, Ernie Royal, Richard Williams, Snooky Young
Trombones: Quentin Jackson, Tom McIntosh, Britt Woodman
Bass trombones: Dix Hixson, Tony Studd
French horns: Jimmy Buffington, Willie Ruff
Woodwinds: Bob Ashton, Danny Bank, Jerry Dodgion, Jerome Richardson, Stan Webb, Phil Woods
Guitar: Billy Butler, Barry Galbraith
Bass: Richard Davis, 
Drums and percussion: Harry Breuer, Bobby Rosengarden
Drums: Grady Tate

1.The Bird (Prokofiev
The Duck (Prokofiev)
The Cat (Prokofiev)
The Grandfather (Prokofiev)
The Wolf (Prokofiev)
The Hunter (Prokofiev)
Peter (Prokofiev)
2. Duck Theme (Nelson)
Jimmy And The Duck (Nelson)
Peter's Theme (Nelson)
Meal Time (Nelson)
3. Elegy For A Duck (Nelson)
4. Cat In A Tree (Nelson)
5. Capture Of The Wolf (Nelson)
6. Finale
Parade (Nelson)
Peter Plays Some Blues (Nelson)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Jimmy Smith
  • Record Label: Decca
  • Producer: Creed Taylor
  • Recording Location: Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  • Recording Date: May 11 and 12, 1966
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