Phil Woods


Jazz Class Orchestra meets Phil Woods

Phil Woods, alto saxophone soloist
Emilio Soana, trumpet and flugelhorn
Fernando Brusco, trumpet and flugelhorn
Mauro Parodi, trombone
Pierluigi Salvi, trombone
Gabriele Comeglio, alto saxophone, leader and arranger
Paolo Barbieri, reeds
Claudio Allifranchini, reeds
Giancarlo Porro, reeds
Danilo Minotti, guitar
Paolo Brioschi, piano
Marco Micheli, bass
Alfredo Golino, drums

1. Summertime
2. Here Come De Honey Man
3. There's A Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon For New York
4. Fisherman, Strawberry And The Devil Crab
5. The Buzzard Song
6. It Ain't Necessarily So
7. I Loves You, Porgy
8. My Man's Gone Now
9. Gone, Gone, Gone
10. Prayer
All compositions by George Gershwin

Additional Info

  • Leader: Phil Woods
  • Producer: Paolo Pangiarelli
  • Recording Location: Cetra Art Studio, Milano, Italy
  • Recording Date: July 23, 1994
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