Phil Woods


Patti Dunham

Patti Dunham, vocals
Jon Hendricks, vocals (on track 3)
Bruce Rogers, background vocals
Gary Haberman, piano and synthesizers
TNorman Geller, piano
hom Rotella, guitar
Harvie Swartz, bass
Vincent Fay, bass
Rick Petrone, bass
Shem, bass, drums and background vocals
Grady Tate, drums
Tom Igoe, drums
Danny Gottlieb, drums
Jim Saporito, percussion
Phil Woods, alto saxophone (on tracks 4 and 6)

1. Caravan (Ellington/Tizol/Mills)
2. Let's Face The Music And Dance (Berlin)
3. Why Don't You Walk Away (Schroeck)
4. One More (Haberman/Roberts)
5. Never Never Land (Styne/Comdon/Green)
6. It's A Cryin' Shame (Schroeck)
7. Cabfare & Perfume (Ray)
8. Love In The Morning (Haberman/Roberts)
9. Moonlight Mood (De Rose/Adamson)
10. Flamingo (Anderson/Grouya)
11. The Song Is Ended (Berlin)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Patti Dunham
  • Record Label: LaJacher
  • Catalog Number: L5-88-92
  • Producer: Gary Haberman
  • Recording Location: Tullen Sound Recording, Morristown, NJ; NewFound Sound, Fairlawn, NJ; Nola Recording Studios, New York City; Manhattan Recording Company, New York City; A& R Studios, New York City; Hallmark Productions, Westlake, CA and Red Rock Recording Studio, Saylorsburg, PA
  • Recording Date: 1992
  • Playing Time: 47:49
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