Phil Woods


Various Artists

Lee Konitz, alto saxophone
Phil Woods*, alto saxophone
Frank Morgan, alto saxophone
Archie Shepp, tenor saxophone
Houston Person, tenor saxophone
Dave Liebman, soprano saxophone
Bennie Wallace, tenor saxophone
David Murray, tenor saxophone
Steve Coleman, alto saxophone
Donald Harrison, alto saxophone
John Zorn, alto saxophone
Craig Bailey, alto saxophone
George Cables, piano
Rufus Reid, bass
Joe Chambers, drums and musical director
Santi DeBriano, bass (volume 1 tracks 4, 5 and 9; volume 2 track 5)
Jiro Yoshida, guitar (volume 1 track 10; volume 2 track 10)

Volume 1 Tracks:
1. Devil's Island (Shorter)
2. Bamboo (Shepp)
3. My Little Brown Book (Strayhorn)
4. Spoonin' (Morris)
5. In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington)
6. Footprints (Shorter)
7. Four (Davis)
8. Tu-Way-Pack-E-Way (Chambers)
9. Why Try To Change Me Now (Coleman)
10. Blues for JC - master take (Yoshida)*

Volume 2 Tracks:
1.Blues For 52nd Street (Shepp)
2. Like Someone In Love (Van Heusen/Burke)
3. Promptus (Chambers/Zorn)
4. King Tut (Sharif)
5. Bemsha Swing (Monk/Best)
6. Quasi Enni (Coleman)
7. Flamingo (Grouya)
8. There Is No Greater Love (Jones)
9. Goodbye Mr. Evans (Woods)*
10. Blues For JC - alternate take (Yoshida)*

Additional Info

  • Producer: Julia Castillo for JC Productions
  • Recording Location: Sound On Sound, New York City
  • Recording Date: August 13, 14 and 25, 1992
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