Phil Woods


Bill Evans

The Bill Evans Trio:
Bill Evans, piano and electric piano
Eddie Gomez, bass
Marty Morell, drums

Phil Woods, Jerry Dodgion, Walt Levinsky and Harvey Estrin, alto saxophone
Bill Slapin, Don Hammond and Hubert Laws, flute
George Marge and Phil Bodner, oboe
Danny Bank and Ron Janelly, clarinet and bass clarinet
Wally Kane, bassoon
Donald MacCourt, contra bassoon
Brooks Tillotson, James Buffington, Earl Chapin, Ray Alonge, Al Richmond and Pete Gordon, French horn
Marvin Stamm, John Frosk, Bernie Glow, Marky Markowitz, Victor Paz and Mel Davis, trumpet
Urbie Green, tenor trombone
Paul Faulise and Tommy Mitchell, bass trombone
Don Butterfield, tuba
George Devens, Dave Carey and Doug Allen, percussion
Ralph McDonald, congas
David Nadien, concert master

Composition Symbiosis in two movements
Composed, arranged and conducted by Claus Ogermann

Additional Info

  • Leader: Bill Evans
  • Producer: Helen Keane
  • Recording Location: Columbia Recording Studios, New York City
  • Recording Date: February 11, 12 and 14, 1974
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