Phil Woods


Tony Fruscella

Tracks with band personnel:

1. Tony's Blues (Fruscella)
Tony Fruscella, trumpet
Hank Jones, piano
Wendell Marshall, bass
Shadow Wilson, drums
Recorded at the Pithyan Temple, New York City
November 7, 1955

2. Foo's
3. Flues
4. Oh Yeah
5. Little Orgg
6. Out Of Nowhere (Green/Heyman)
7. Flues
8. Little Orgg
9. Out Of Nowhere (Green/Heyman)
Tony Fruscella, trumpet
Chick Maures, alto saxophone
Bill Triglia, piano
Red Mitchell, bass
Dave Troy, drums
Recorded at Vocarium Studios, New York City
December 10, 1948

10. Scrapple From The Apple (Parker)
11. Night Train (Forrest)
12. Night In Tunisia (Gillespie/Paparelli)
Tony Fruscella, trumpet
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Bill Triglia, piano
Paul Chambers, bass
Roy Hall, drums
Recorded at Ridgewood High School, New Jersey

Additional Info

  • Leader: Tony Fruscella
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