Phil Woods

Another Time, Another Place

Benny Carter & Phil Woods-alto saxophone 
Chris Neville-piano 
John Lockwood-bass 
Sherman Ferguson-drums


1. Sometimes I'm happy  (8:53) 
Youmans/Robin/Grey; Waner Bros., ASCAP
2. Spring will be a little late this year  (6:33) 
Loesser; Frank Music Co., ASCAP
3. Rock me to sleep  (8:33) 
Benny Carter; Bee Cee Music Co., ASCAP
4. Another time, another place  (8:29) 
Benny Carter; Bee Cee Music Co., ASCAP
5. Willow weep for me  (7:33) 
Ronnell;Bourne Co., & Ann Ronnell Music, ASCAP
6. Shiny stockings  (10:01) 
Foster; Lynn Sotrm Pub. Co., ASCAP
7. The courtship  (10:36) 
Benny Carter; Bee Cee Music Co., ASCAP
8. On the sunny side of the street  (11:11) 
McHugh/Fields; Aldi Music Co. & Cotton Club Pub., ASCAP


1. On green dolphin street (9:16) 
Kaper/Washington; EMI-Feist Cat. Inc., ASCAP
2. A walkin' thing (8:52) 
Benny Carter; Bee Cee Music Co., ASCAP
3. Janel (5:46) 
Benny Carter; Bee Cee Music Co., ASCAP
4. Speak low (8:50) 
Weill/Nash; Chappell & Co. Inc. & Hampshire House Pub. Corp., ASCAP
5. Petite chanson (7:24) 
Phil Woods, Music DuBois, BMI
6. Just squeeze me (9:05) 
Ellington/Gaines; EMI-Robbins Cat. Inc., ASCAP
7. Mood Indigo (9:33) 
Ellington/Bigard/Mills; EMI-Mills Music & Famous Music Corp., ASCAP
8. How high the moon (6:12) 
Hamilton/Lewis; Chappell & Co., ASCAP


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Additional Info

  • Leader: Benny Carter & Phil Woods
  • Record Label: Evening Star
  • Catalog Number: ES-104
  • Producer: Ed Berger
  • Recording Location: Regattabar, Cambridge, MA
  • Recording Date: March 15, 16, & 17, 1996
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