Phil Woods

Greg Abate Quintet Featuring Phil Woods

Personnel: Greg Abate: alto, soprano and baritone saxophones, flute; Phil Woods: alto saxophone; Jesse Greens: piano; Evan Gregor: bass; Bill Goodwin: drums.


  1. Roger Over And Out
  2. Pear For The Bear
  3. Rocco's Place
  4. Carmel By The Sea
  5. Marny
  6. J.A.G.
  7. Special K
  8. Contemplation
  9. Goodbye Mr. Pepper
  10. Realization (Living The Dash -)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Greg Abate, Phil Woods
  • Record Label: Positone
  • Catalog Number: 7112
  • Playing Time: 01:09:15
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