Phil Woods


Ben Sidran

Ben Sidran, piano and vocals
Mike Maineri, vibraphone
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Steve Kahn, guitar
Eddie Gomez, bass
Peter Erskine, drums

1. Solar (David)
2. Big Nick (Coltrane)
3. It Didn't All Come True (Sidran)
4. City Home (Allison)
5. Bop City/Theme From "Jazz Alive!" (Sidran)
6. Little Sherry (Rouse)
7. Nardis (Davis)
8. Up Jumped Spring (Hubbard)
9. Monk's Mood (Monk)
All lyrics by Ben Sidran, except City Home, by Mose Allison

Additional Info

  • Leader: Ben Sidran
  • Producer: Mike Mainieri and Ben Sidran
  • Recording Location: Planet Studios, New York
  • Recording Date: March 13 and 14, 1983
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