Phil Woods


Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery

Jimmy Smith, organ
Wes Montgomery, guitar
Oliver Nelson, arranger and conductor
Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet
Jerry Dodgion, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute and alto flute
Jerome Richardson, tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute and clarinet
Bob Ashton, tenor saxophone, flute and clarinet
Danny Bank, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, flute and alto flute
Jimmy Cleveland, trombone
Richard Hixon, trombone
Quentin Jackson, trombone
Melba Liston, trombone
Tony Studd, bass trombone
Jimmy Maxwell, trumpet
Joe Newman, trumpet
Ernie Roya, trumpet
Clark Terry, trumpet and flugelhorn
Richard Davis, bass
Grady Tate, drums
Ray Baretto, percussion

1. Down By The Riverside (Traditional)
2. Night Train (Forrest/Washington/Simkins)
3. James And Wes (Smith)
4. 13 [Death March] (McFarland)
5. Baby It's Cold Outside (Loesser)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery
  • Producer: Creed Taylor
  • Recording Location: Van Gelder Studio, New Jersey
  • Recording Date: September 1966
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