Phil Woods


Various Artists

The Reverend William H. Cohea, Jr., preacher
The Reverend Karen Nickels, liturgist
Wolfgang Knittel, conductor and keyboards
Nelson Hill, alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet, flute and alto flute
Pat Turner, tenor saxophone, clarinet and flute
Richard Barz, baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet and bass clarinet
Rick Chamberlain, trombone and euphonium
Jim Daniels, bass trombone and tuba
Jonathan Searfoss, trumpet and flugelhorn
Dan Wolfe, trumpet and flugelhorn
Patrick Dorian, trumpet and flugelhorn
Ralph Hughes, trumpet and flugelhorn
Tony Marino, bass
Bob D'Aversa, drums
Ed Hudak, percussion
Bud Nealy, percussion
Spencer Reed, guitar
Vocal Soloists: Michele Bautier, Jerry Harris and Ann Yale
Guest Soloists: Phil Woods*, alto saxophone; Bob Dorough, vocals; Davis Ellis, trumpet and flugelhorn

Choir conducted by Robert C. Hartman
Sopranos: Marilyn Amori, Renee Amori, Trudy Austin, Susan Booth, Susan Cooper, Carol Cartwright, Eloise Mial, Tammara Neal, Elaine Siptroth, Ellin Tutrone, Ann Yale
Altos: Pam Bauer, Kim Best, Bonnie Childs, Carrie Childs, Beulah McConnell, Teresa Marino, Andrea Reiter, Sarah Toten, Barbara Vanderslice, Ada Zugel
Tenors: Dennis Bell, Charlie Cole, Jeff Cooper, David Learn, Scotty McIntosh
Basses: Frank DiSimoni, Fred Gardner, Steve Howell, Dick Kuhn, Kenneth Lee, Wallie Richardson, Bill Stine, Bob Tutrone, Ray Vanderslice

1. Prelude (Knittel - based on a Gregorian chant)
2. Call To Worship (Chamberlain)
3. Confession (Knittel)
4. Prayer For Illumination (Knittel)
5. The Temptress Song (Chamberlain)
6. The Gospel Song & Response (Ellis)
7. Psalm 149 (Kirk)*
8. The Meidtation (Cohea)
9. All The People Said Amen (Chamberlain)
10. Loch Ness Monster (Knittel/Johns)
11. Pieces of 11/8 (Ellis)
12. Passing Of The Peace (Chamberlain)
13. Alleluia (Knittel)

A portion of the proceeds from sales of this recording to to the Fund for Young Musicians

Exact recording dates unknown. Released in August 1995.

Additional Info

  • Producer: Rick Chamberlain and Eric Doney
  • Recording Location: Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA
  • Recording Date: 1995
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