Phil Woods


David Basse

David Basse, vocals
Mike Melvoin, piano
Steve Gilmore, bass
Bill Goodwin, drums
Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet

1. Like Jazz (Winkler/Steelman)
2. Something Fried (Melvoin/Hurwitz)
3. Uptown (Melvoin/Hurwitz)
4. You Won't Hear Me Say Goodbye (Melvoin/Adamo)
5. 52nd & Broadway (Melvoin/Hurwitz)
6. Living Without You (Mandel/Goodrum)
7. Slow Boat To China (Loesser)
8. Parker's Mood (Parker/King Pleasure)
9. Bidin' My Time (Gershwin/Gershwin)
10. Traffic Jam (Melvoin/Hurwitz)
11. But Anyhow/The Blues don't Care (Jaffe/Smith)
12. I've Got The World On A String (Arlen/Koehler)

Additional Info

  • Leader: David Basse
  • Producer: Mike Melvoin, David Basse and Hank Cicalo
  • Recording Location: Charlestown Road, Norton's Corner, NJ
  • Recording Date: September 25, 2002
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