Phil Woods


Nancy Harrow

Nancy Harrow, vocals
Vernel Bagneris, vocals
Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet
Dick Katz, piano
Ray Drummond, bass
Ben Riley, drums

1. The House On The Low Round Hill
2. Railroad Man
3. If I Want To
4. Lost Lady
5. Happy Days/Lost Lady
6. Self-Esteem
7. Putting On Airs
8. Angry Blues
9. He's Gone
10. For The Last Time
11. Starting Over
12. This Live Is Mine
13. Happy Days - Coda

All Words and Music by Nancy Harrow
Arrangements by Dick Katz

Additional Info

  • Leader: Nancy Harrow
  • Producer: Nancy Harrow
  • Recording Location: Sear Sound, New York City
  • Recording Date: June 28, 30 and November 29, 1993
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