Phil Woods


Jack Wilkins

(Originally released as CAPTAIN BLUED)

Jack Wilkins, guitar
Phil Woods*, alto saxophone
Albert Dailey, piano
Harvie Swartz, bass
Akiri Tana, drums
Ted Moore, percussion
Carl Barry, guitar (track 4 only)

1. Dailey Double (Dailey)
2. You Must Believe In Spring (Legrand)
3. My Foolish Heart (Young/Washington)
4. Captain Blued* (Wilkins)
5. O Grande Amor (Jobim)
6. 7th Variation On A Catalan Folk Song, Opus 25 (Duarte)
7. Mexico (Swartz)
8. Captain Marvel (Corea)
9. Streets Of Rio (Moore)
10. Opal* (Swartz)
11. Jamba (Wilkins)


Recorded (July 19-22, 1983) direct to and mastered from original 2-track analog by Rudy Van Gelder

Additional Info

  • Leader: Jack Wilkins
  • Record Label: CTI Records
  • Catalog Number: CTI 1004-2
  • Producer: Creed Taylor
  • Recording Location: Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
  • Recording Date: July 19-22, 1983
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