Phil Woods


Manny Albam, Bill Russo, Teo Macero, Teddy Charles

Manny Albam, arranger and conductor
Bill Russo, arranger and conductor
Teo Macero, arranger and conductor
Teddy Charles, arranger and conductor

Band 1:
Art Farmer, trumpet
Frank Rehak, trombone
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Al Cohn, tenor saxophone
Bill Evans, piano
Eddie Costa, piano
Addison Farmer, bass
Ed Shaughnessy, drums

1. Night Crawlers (Albam)
2. Tin Roof Blues (arr Albam)
3. Blues For Amy (Macero)
4. St. Louis Blues (arr Macero)

Recorded in New York, May 15, 1959

Band 2:
Donald Byrd, trumpet
Bob Brookmeyer, trombone
Hal McKusick, alto saxophone
Frank Socolow, tenor saxophone
Teddy Charles, vibraphone
Mal Waldron, piano
George Duvivier, bass
Ed Shaughnessy, drums

5. Swinging Goatsherd Blues (Charles)
6. Blues In The Night (arr Charles)
7. East Hampton Blues (Russo)
8. Davenport Blues (arr Russo)

Additional Info

  • Producer: Teo Macero, Manny Albam, Bill Russo and Teddy Charles
  • Recording Location: New York City
  • Recording Date: April 30, 1959
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