Phil Woods


Kenyon Hopkins

Kenyon Hopkins, conductor
Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet
Jerome Richardson, tenor and soprano saxophones, flute, bass clarinet
Zoot Sims, tenor saxophone
Romeo Penque, baritone and soprano saxophones, flute
Joe Newman, trumpet
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Joe Wilder, trumpet
Nick Travis, trumpet
Wayne Andre, trombone
Frank Rehak, trombone
Jimmy Cleveland, trombone
Dick Hixson, trombone
Jimmy Buffington, French horn
Ray Alonge, French horn
Morris Secon, French horn
Dick Berg, French horn
Barry Galbraith, guitar
Joe Venuto, vibraphone and bongos
Bernie Leighton, piano
George Duvivier, bass
Eddie Shaughnessy, drums

On The Reporter, Are You Busy?, A Nose For News, Headline and Stop The Presses: Jerome Richardson is replaced by Jerry Dodgion and Zoot Sims is replaced by Ray Beckenstein

Songs: All compositions by Kenyon Hopkins
1. The Reporter
2. By-Line
3. Extension 7
4. Lonely Girl
5. Press Party Waltz
6. Are You Busy?
7. A Nose For News
8. Bossa Blu Nova
9. Headline
10. The Lady Didn't Say
11. Stop The Presses
12. Tick-Along Juke
13. Danny's Theme


Note: Originally broadcast on CBS-TV from September 25, 1964 to December 25, 1964 (15 episodes)

Additional Info

  • Leader: Kenyon Hopkins
  • Record Label: Columbia
  • Catalog Number: CL 2269 (mono), CS 9069 (stereo)
  • Producer: John Simon
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