Phil Woods


The Bob Brookmeyer Orchestra

Bob Brookmeyer, valve trombone and arranger (tracks 5-8)
Clark Terry, trumpet and flugelhorn
Bernie Glow, trumpet
Doc Severinsen, trumpet
Joe Newman, trumpet
Wayne Andre, trombone
Billy Byers, trombone
Alan Raph, bass trombone
Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet
Eddie Caine, alto saxophone, flute and piccolo
Phil Bodner, tenor saxophone, oboe and English horn
Al Cohn, tenor saxophone
Gene Allen, baritone saxophone and bass clarinet
Hank Jones, piano
George Duvivier, bass
Mel Lewis, drums
Eddie Costa, vibraphone, xylophone and percussion

On Tracks 2 and 5-8: Nick Travis replaces Joe Newman
On Tracks 2, 5 and 7: Bill Elton replaces Billy Byers
On Track 1: Gene Quill replaces Phil Woods
On Tracks 6 and 8: Eddie Wasserman replaces Phil Woods
On Tracks 4, 6 and 8: Add Wally Kane (bassoon) and delete Al Cohn

1. Caravan (Ellington/Tizol)
2. Why Are You Blue? (McFarland)
3. Some Of My Best Friends (Cohn)
4. Gloomy Sunday (Seress/Javar/Lewis)
5. Ho Hum (Brookmeyer)
6. Detour Ahead (Ellis/Frigo/Carter)
7. Days Gone By, Oh My! (Brookmeyer)
Where, Oh Where? (Porter)
(This is the track order on CD. It may not be the same as original track order on lP_

Additional Info

  • Leader: Bob Brookmeyer
  • Producer: Creed Taylor
  • Recording Date: November 6 through 8, 1961
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