Phil Woods


The Phil Woods Quintet

Phil Woods, alto saxophone and clarinet
Tom Harrell, trumpet and flugelhorn
Hal Galper, piano
Steve Gilmore, bass
Bill Goodwin, drums

1. 111-44 (Nelson)
2. Another Jones (Galper)
3. Gratitude (Harrell)
4. My Azure (Mays)
5. Serenade In Blue (Warren/Gordon)
6. Tenor Of The Times (Roccisano)
7. Times Mirror (Harrell)
8. Ya Know (Emley)


** reissue of Denon (J) YF-7125-ND + 3 bonus tracks.

Additional Info

  • Leader: Phil Woods
  • Record Label: Denon (J)
  • Catalog Number: 33CY-1316
  • Producer: Bill Goodwin
  • Recording Location: Clinton Studios, New York
  • Recording Date: June 19, 1986
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