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Composed, Arranged and Conducted by Phil Woods
All compositions by Phil Woods (except tracks 9 & 10). All arrangements by Phil Woods (except track 10)
Phil Woods: alto saxophone soloist
Nelson Hill: lead alto saxophone, flute, clarinet; Jay Rattman, clarinet soloist, baritone & alto saxophones; Matt Vashlishan: alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
Tom Hamilton: tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet; Bob Keller: tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet; Jim Buckley: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Nathan Eklund: lead trumpet; Chris Persad: trumpet soloist; Danny Cahn: trumpet; Vanessa Meggiolaro: trumpet; Eddie Severn: trumpet; Patrick Dorian: trumpet (4 trumpets on each track)

Rick Chamberlain: lead trombone; Sam Burtis: trombone; Fred Scott: trombone; Jim Daniels: bass trombone

Skip Wilkins: piano; Spencer Reed: guitar; Evan Gregor: bass; Tom Whaley: drums; Najwa Parkins: vocal (track 10)

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Kent Heckman at Red Rock Recording, Saylorsburg, PA

Produced by Bill Goodwin


01 Bop'n Bob Don't Stop 

02 Hank Jones 

03 And It Was Nowhere 

04 Before I Left 

05 Goodbye Mr. Pepper 

06 Get Bird's Word 

07 Ballad for Hank 

08 Shiny Pants 

09 Here's to Alvy 

10 You Don't Know What Love Is

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