Phil Woods


The closing"jam"@ the end of the Harry Leahey Trio's set at the "Celebration of the Arts Festival" Delaware Water Gap PA 1985. All players and approx. time and solo order listed in the comment section below..Harry's Trio, featuring Roy Cumming on bass and Glenn Davis on drums played a fabulous set prior hosting this jam to close out the festivities that Sunday night.
The Harry Leahey Trio: Harry Leahey : guitar, Roy Cumming :bass, Glenn Davis : drums

order of soloists:
1:09 Phil Woods ; alto sax
2:30 Mo Rolland : soprano sax
3:45 Rick Chamberlain : trombone
5:02 Mac Goldsbury : tenor sax
7:02 Spencer Reed : guitar
8:12 Vic Juris : guitar
10:08 Harry Leahey :guitar
11:38 the ensemble
12:25 Phil Woods takes the coda out....

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