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My Friend Joubert


Four page, three stave piano sheet with lead line, chord symbols and lyric.

Edward Joubert was the third musketeer in the Gap. Along with Rick Chamberlain and yours truly we organized the first Celebration of the Arts in 1978. At that time Ed owned the "Bottom of the Fox" (now the Sycamore Grille) and we would jam there as well as at the venerable Deer Head Inn. The first year we played on the street using borrowed risers. Ed thought we should have a stage so the next year he built one with the help of some volunteers. Ed was also the captain of the chain saw gang. Whenever someone would put up a bill board, destroying the scenic splendor of the mountains, it would promptly disappear! The only evidence it ever was there was a pile of sawdust! When schools let out and traffic was thoughtless, Joubert would get a chair and sit in the middle of Main Street near the traffic light. They slowed down! Rick and I talk to Ed every year at Festival time - that is why we have such great weather! See you there-weekend after Labor Day!

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