Phil Woods

Thank You Dr. T


Eight page, three stave mini arrangement for piano and clarinet. No chord symbols.

"Thank You Dr. T!" Dr. Phil Terman is one of my dearest friends and has saved my career with his dental artistry. I won't bore you with the grisly details but he keeps it possible for me to keep playing. I was punched out in Staten Island (when I was still at the Juilliard School) by mob boss Tony Castellanos' driver and lost some front teeth and loosened up some back ones as well. However both men were shot to death in a gangland murder in Chinatown many years later. If Dr. T called in his teeth, appliances, caps and braces the jazz world would come to a halt. Believe it! He takes care of all of the jazz players! And he is a damn good clarinetist as well. And his wife Tony sings and writes! I am honored to have them as friends!

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