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Together We Wail


One page, one stave leadsheet with chord symbols.

This tune is from the album "Jazz For The Carriage Trade" with George Wallington's quintet. I took Jackie McLean's place (as best I could!) and the date featured Donald Byrd on trumpet, Bill Bradley, the son of swing band leader Will Bradley, (I always remember the lyric "Celery Stalks Along The Highway") on drums; Teddy Kotick on bass and George on piano. It was recorded January 20, 1956 in Rudy Van Gelder's living room. Now that was a jazz recording studio! We stayed up all night so we could get the light just right for the cover shot. It was a very different world and one that I am proud to have lived in! Paul Desmond gave us a nice word when Leonard Feather played it for him in a Blindfold Test. He liked the group improvisation thing. So do I!

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