Little Big Band


Phil Woods



"This is dedicated to my mother. Mom was the best. When I said I wanted to be a musician she said;"Philip, be whatever you want to be but give it your best effort no matter what it may be!" And I never forgot! She could shoot you down too, if you got cocky! I was about 16 years old and smoking a pipe and being a culture vulture, going to concerts and museums and I was baad! I came home late one night and Mom was up waiting for me. She looked at me and said; "Well Philip! Did you see anyone that you liked better than yourself today?" Bang! Right between the eyes and the ego! I loved her very much. I have been working on Dad's piece for more than 50 years. He was a bit more difficult to capture. But I'll get him! He also was the best! Their support through the years meant everything to me. Thanks Mom and Dad. I gave it my best effort! And I am still working at it!

Thank you,


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